About with Perez

At with Perez, nothing is more important to us than helping our clients navigate the challenges of IT and technology in a complicated world. By providing expert level IT consulting and tech support services, we can help the businesses and individuals of New York City leverage the power of technology to drive productivity, efficiency, and growth for years to come.

At with Perez, our mission is simple; we’re here to help businesses and individuals accomplish more. By providing personalized, dedicated, and honest IT solutions specifically designed to target the unique needs, preferences, and requirements of each unique business and individual who we serve, we can help our clients leverage the power of digital technology.

When it comes to our clients, they aren’t just clients. We forge dedicated partnerships and relationships with each and every one of our clients. Consulting is about putting yourself in a position to become an extension of your clients’ businesses; knowing them inside and out, predicting their moves, and understanding just how to provide the solutions that they’re looking for. For us, we know that this isn’t typically how consultants choose to operate – but for us, we just don’t see it any other way. We always choose to dedicate ourselves to our clients because we see the value in forging long and lasting partnerships.

with Perez isn’t just a dedicated thought partner invested in the success of our clients; in fact, we’re a trusted and reliable technology resource with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help our clients move their business into a whole new world of opportunity.

And 3 things about with Perez – 1) Our owner has been left in a drop-ceiling before 2) our clients love seeing pictures of our owner’s dog 3) we happily share food recipes